Import formats

qbase+ supports direct data import from export files (.txt, .csv, .xls, or .xlsx) generated by most real-time PCR instrument software programs. Because these instrument software programs generally offer different ways to export the real-time PCR data, this page explains how to create a suitable export file from your system.

Should your instrument or software not be listed, please contact us with some example files and we'll add it!

For all supported instruments and softwares programs, an example file can be downloaded to troubleshoot possible import problems. In addition, 3 general and instrument independent formats are available:

  • simple
  • qBase
  • RDML

Corbett Research

InstrumentHow to exportExample file
Rotor-Gene 2000No special instructionsxls rotorgene-examplefile1.xls
xls rotorgene-examplefile2.xls
Rotor-Gene 3000See Rotor-Gene 2000
Rotor-Gene 6000See Rotor-Gene Q (Qiagen)


InstrumentHow to exportExample file
LightCycler 1.5No special instructionsxls lightcyclercarousel-examplefile_2.xls
LightCycler 2.0See LightCycler 1.5
LightCycler 480pdf lc480.pdfxls lc480-examplefile1.xls
xls lc480-examplefile2_1.xls
LightCycler 1536pdf lc1536.pdfxls lc1536-examplefile.xls
Roche LightCycler 96coming soon

Agilent Technologies

InstrumentHow to exportExample file
MX3000PNo special instructionsxls mx300xp-examplefile_3.xls
MX3005PSee MX3000Pxls mx300xp-examplefile_1.xls


InstrumentHow to exportExample file
SmartCyclercoming soontxt smartcycler_examplefile.txt


InstrumentHow to exportExample file
Mastercycler ep realplexpdf mastercyclereprealplex.pdf


InstrumentHow to exportExample file
BioMarkcoming soonxls biomark_96x96_single_color_example.xls


InstrumentHow to exportExample file
Eco Systemcoming soon