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From finding stable reference genes to a complete gene expression analysis,
qbase+ helps you do more with your data.



qPCR data analysis software

Flanders Institute for Biotechnology

qbase+ improves the accuracy of our results and brings our qPCR based research to a higher level.

The peer-reviewed software algorithms enables our researchers to annotate and process qPCR data according to international guidelines. To ensure the quality of the data we can rely on the various calculations available in qbase+ for post-PCR quality control, PCR efficiency correction, normalization, inter-run calibration, and statistics.

This way, VIB researchers can efficiently analyse, interpret and visualize their data for various types of analysis: mRNA expression analysis, copy number analysis, miRNA profiling, ChIP-qPCR, and many others.


Herwig Van Marck
Director of BioInformatics Training and Services
BITS -VIB, Belgium

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